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    Jan Sevak Leading With Compassion

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    A Common Man's Representative With An Uncommon Spirit

    Development was at an
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    A fierce leader

    Dynamic and iron-willed frontrunner

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    Deputy CM Of Maharashtra With A Glorious Tenure

    Championing the cause of the people

A modest man
with a steely resolve

About Devendra Fadnavis

Hailed as the face of new age Indian politics which is increasingly being driven by accountability and efficiency, Devendra Fadnavis has always been a fast achiever when it comes to winning people’s mandate by delivering tangible results. Joining politics at an early age, Devendra could translate his youthful energy and vision into people’s trust and love when he became a councilor for the first time. Since then his graph has been on the upwards, which reflects people’s reckoning of him as a man of work.

His selection as the CM of Maharashtra had a lot to do with his young age, dynamism, and a positive image.

About Devendra Fadnavis

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